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Using a dashboard you will have a precise vision of the current situation, orient according to the strategic approach adopt. By reading the performance indicators. The decision maker(s) can assess the relevance of the actions taken to achieve the tactical objectives. They will also tter prepar to implement new actions. In this spirit, they guarantee “proactive” management and not just “reactive”. Learn more about the advantages of a dashboard . Difference tween a dashboard and other data visualization methods First, dashboards are “smart” data dashboards that display information in real time.

This is its fundamental difference

Outdata reports and graphs, which are still us. Human intervention is ruc to a minimum, since all data is continuously updat in real time. From this we can duce the second fundamental Nigeria Phone Number List difference and the great advantage of a dashboard is that it saves you a lot of time. No ne to write over and over again reports that come outdat every day: just set up your KPI dashboard . The data will always relevant cause it will updat. You can display your dashboard on one monitor so everyone on your team always has access to your company data, allowing employees of any rank to always see the bottom line or performance of the organization.

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Also keep in mind

That the company often uses different platforms to manage finances or internet advertising campaigns. And it is tious to have to change the system to see how the results of DP Leads each area are going. Platforms like TuDashboard allow you to simplify the process by connecting all the services us to the system and then using a dashboard where all the information you ne is gather. You can set up multiple dashboards for different areas of your business. Rememr that having timely and correctly present information is the guarantee for making good decisions and the success of your project. How to create a dashboard effectively.