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Finding these answers manually can be time consuming, even impossible, a CRM solution can give you the information you ne to increase sales conversions. 3. Improve advertising planning Valuing data analytics for SMBs can help you improve your advertising efforts by helping you measure past sales performance. For example, data analysis can show you which of your ad campaigns generat the most revenue, which products drew the most interest when featur in the campaigns, efficient sellers and which dates were most lucrative. This information can not only help you decide when and how to structure your future ad campaigns.

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But it can also reveal opportunities for future new products or product line expansions. And when it comes to decisions like these, the more data you can gather, the stronger your Kuwait Phone Number List decision-making process will be. 4. Planning the expansion of the company Are you running the risk of your current space becoming too small? Are there new markets that you are thinking of tapping into? Again, analytics can help you make more inform decisions by revealing past performance trends and showing you the potential impact of startup KPIs . Improve your recruitment processes So far, all the benefits of data analysis for SMBs mention above are relat to the operations of your business.

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But equally, the analysis of human resource management represents a powerful opportunity for decision making. Imagine being able to prict which employees are most likely DP Leads to leave in the future. Or be able to estimate when it will be necessary to cover new roles.  be ready to capitalize on all these benefits, but that doesn’t mean you should ignore the potential of analytics. How to do a data analysis for startups There are certain steps to data analysis, including: Choose the types of data to explore Collect data, depending on your nes. Clean the data. Analyze the data through the right tool.

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