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This shrinking obviously applies to all types of applications and missions, although it is unlikely to be implement equally quickly in all space industries. That things get smaller has at least two secondary effects: -One: The subsystems become more manageable and whole satellites can be handl by small units and by a few people. This opens up many potential integration sites. A national space agency or university. This means that satellite development, testing and integration can take place externally from the major space players. That development means in practice that the total volume of units and people involv in the manufacture of space hardware is growing.

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Two: A rocket can have many satellites on board. Thus swarming is a potential possibility. By having a mission consist of many distribut units, the baseline for an experiment SMS Gateway Lithuania measurement can be increas. So, in principle, the smaller units can end up providing higher resolution. In any case, the launch becomes cheaper if there are many people who pay for the rocket. The access threshold to the room has been ruc. The room is large As satellites gain less mass, they can also potentially reach further – provid there is something that accelerates them.

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In orbit propulsion and of course navigation will not be less interesting in the future – regardless of whether we are going in search of resources or life. Denmark has DP Leads traditionally been able to make a mark in new technology areas. When it comes to “shrinkage”, we have done well in e.g. hearing aids. We have also been able to lead in, for example, wind energy. So even though we may be a small state, there is no reason why we should not be able to make our mark within the development of new space technologies. We are already a leader in space navigation. It may not be a concrete recommendation, but rather a confirmation that there is more to do and that Denmark can certainly contribute.

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