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Tips to motivate employees What are the indicators to measure employee motivation? These are our six indicators to measure motivation in the workplace: Number of days working from home There is nothing wrong with employees working from home from time to time, as there are countless examples of situations that show that it is good for both the company and the employees. However, what you should look for are changes in patterns. Has the number of days working from home skyrocket for no apparent reason? Of course, to observe changes in patterns you ne historical data.

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The Working from home increases, it could mean there are problems in the team, in relationships between individual employees, or simply in the office or workspace. Here more Germany Business Email List information on how to measure the productivity of remote work . Number of absences Another of the indicators to measure the motivation of employees and that can give us a sign of problems is an increase in absences. Again, it is worth aligning the number of no-shows with seasonal trends (a typical example is the fall flu spike) to help determine ways to resolve the problem administer flu vaccines or further discussions and analysis with employees.

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Number of hours work

Per day Are employees regularly working fewer hours than their employment contract dictates? If so, that could be cause for concern, especially if the next three metrics DP Leads for measuring employee motivation also start to point to a downward trend. Learn more about how companies measure their productivity and get some good ideas to replicate. Carelessness or insouciance When you are highly motivat you are also likely to analyze every last detail and deliver excellent work. However, the opposite is also true, if this is the case, special attention must be paid when evaluating the carelessness or insouciance that employees are having.

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