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The stationary spe controls mean that motorists ruce their spes when they pass them and otherwise drive as they have always done. GPS measurements show that the average spes in many places are significantly above the spe limits, and they will continue to be so. But now help may be on the way. Driving is far too fast on the Øresund connection, and Sund&Bælt has now together with Sikke Trafik propos a section control where the cars’ spes are measur over a longer section. And a fine/tax is then given when the spe limit is exce. Politicians are finally positive about the proposal. So the question is, should we not use stretch control on many of our major roads.

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This will provide consistent spes – and this will in turn provide better capacity, safety and the environment on our roads. But will it change the way you drive? This story is about how Bulk SMS Services in Ghana we got our ships and rocket home from Bornholm, after the launch in August. A trip with several challenges. In the Marine Department, this year we had chosen to transport Sputnik to Bornholm and back again, by towing it after Bolette Munkholm. That way it could be done faster and more comfortably for the crew than if she had to sail herself.

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The same time, there was room for both the rocket and most of the equipment we ne for the launch, on board the ships. We had decid that the worst weather we would sail DP Leads with such a tow was with a wind of a maximum of 8 m/s and a wave height of no more than 0.5 – 1 meter. On the Saturday in August when we sent Nexø II up and safely back down , the weather was absolutely perfect. But when we were subsequently on our way to the port, it blew up and according to the weather forecast it was only going to get worse during the night and on Sunday.