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The digital marketing industry is constantly evolving. In 2024, artificial intelligence (AI) will accelerate its integration into our lives, driving digital transformation.

Businesses will need to figure out how to harness its potential, while regulators will need to regulate it in response to new developments. In this content, we will focus on emerging trends in AI in Marketing to analyze the role they can play in transforming your business.

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) is not a passing fad or a simple technological novelty. It is a new paradigm that revolutionizes business structure, processes and technologies. Its functions are multiple, potentially infinite, as are its advantages.

What is the key resource of emerging AI trends in marketing?
In the era of digital transformation, data is the fundamental resource that enables the development of new AI trends. Due to its ability to analyze huge data sets in real time, AI is establishing itself as the most powerful ally of business success. Data collection and analysis activities allow for in-depth understanding of the target, anticipating market trends and maximally customizing offers and communications.

Campaigns will be increasingly Chinese in America  flexible and targeted, while ad accuracy and relevance will increase. This will make it easier to attract, convert and retain customers, improving user experience (UX) and customer success.


One of the growing trends is the use of chatbots, which support and enhance customer service, allowing for immediate assistance 24/7. Another is machine learning (ML), which is increasingly sophisticated and capable of providing accurate predictions on customer behavior.

AI is profoundly redefining marketing and represents a unique growth opportunity. To stand out and remain competitive in the market and to guide your company towards full digital maturity, stay updated on emerging trends in AI in Marketing.


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