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Such a car can drive 200-300 km on one charge, then there is both space to transport Her Majesty to Frensborg and little Sophie to tennis in Hellerup. But won’t part of the glamor go a bit off the mark when the bless 12 cylinders are mov out of the engine compartment and replac by humming electric motors and power electronics? And the price? If you ne to ask, you can’t afford it anyway – but count on over 6 million. kroner. This blog is actually about one of our greatest living scientific stars. But I’ll start with a few Copenhagen cubes. If one day you pass Niels Bohr’s grave at Assistens.

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Kirkeg√•rd in Copenhagen, you may be lucky to find two cubes on his grave. No one seems to know who put them there, but they are an obvious tribute to Bohr’s pioneering theories Bulk SMS Azerbaijan and to the man himself. For me, the cubes on Bohr’s grave are an anonymous tribute to one of the most significant Danes who ever liv. Every time I see the dice I am remind of Bohr’s greatness. That he launch a brilliant theory that literally drove Einstein to the wall. That he was a scientist who sought to spread and share his theories for the good of mankind.

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That his theories have laid the foundation for almost all the modern products we use in everyday life. I don’t know if it is a single person or a collective action that is putting dice DP Leads on Bohr’s grave. But I think it’s such a nice act because it pays tribute to Bohr and his work here 56 years after his death. A tribute to one of the great living researchers Yesterday, October 7, Bohr would have turn 133 years old. On the day, HM the Queen present IDA’s traditional Niels Bohs gold mal to one of Denmark’s living researchers who deserves tribute to that degree. One of the world’s leading researchers in catalysis.