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Therefore, a lead with a “negotiation” stage and an estimat purchase value of $10,000 will have a weight value of $5,000. Key terms: Stage: Bas on the type of contact your sales team has had with the prospect. Stages may include proposal (sales offer sent and receiv), qualification, or negotiation. Weight Value : A multiplier that is appli to the estimat value of a lead bas on the probability of closing the sale. indicators of success Increas value per prospect. Increas probability of winning at each stage. Improv flow from one stage to the next. Stages of a sales opportunity There are 5 stages to any sales opportunity.

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Research, Qualification, Strategy, Execution, and Review. Stage 1: Research. It’s all about learning as much as possible about potential customers. You’re not putting anyone Bulk SMS Netherlands down yet, just soaking up information like a sponge. Stage 2: Qualification of potential customers. You will go on to qualify your leads. You will ne to review your company’s sales criteria and use them as the basis for comparing each potential customer. Stage 3: Strategy development. By learning more about the prospect, such as their pain points, you can begin to formulate a plan that might work to turn them into sales leads.

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Stage  Execution of the plan . Whatever your strategy, you should proce to execute it one step at a time, making sure to document all steps and the progress made DP Leads on each one. Stage 5: Review. Even a well detail sales conversion plan is not always successful. A sales analysis should be perform , reviewing all progress made/not made at each step of the sales process. How to track sales opportunities on a dashboard? You can have a sales dashboard and organize leads bas on opportunity value and probability. You can also have real-time data on the latest opportunities in your sales pipeline. In addition, they can see which regions leads are coming from and what the average purchase value is , sales growth , and other sales metrics important to your business.

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