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First of all, I have a hard time with the petrol engine. It still pulls fantastically when you consider the measly 1.5 liters and three cylinders. But the sound, which is still artificial, doesn’t give me the same kick anymore. I no longer understand the concept: Is it a nice (semi) supercar? Is it a GT for long holiday stretches on the motorway or are you buying it for the green profile? Let’s take them one at a time: the BM i8 is not a supercar, it is simply too slow for that. It drives fantastically, but even with an electric motor of 143 hp and a car built with large amounts of carbon fiber.

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It will not be able to keep up with a Lamborghini Aventador or a Ferrari 488, neither in 0-100 nor in the intermiate accelerations. But peace be upon it, it is fast and drives well. Is it a car SMS Gateway Finland that can be us for long trips? In principle yes, it runs easily 500 km on a tank and the comfort on the motorway is fine (that is, apart from the wind noise). However, if you are thinking of going on more than a weekend trip, there is no luggage space for a suitcase. So GT? no, there is no call to go on a trip to southern Europe with the hood down.

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The i8 doesn’t measure up here either. Despite a larger battery and thus longer range on electricity, I am constantly thinking about how great it would have been if the petrol engine had DP Leads been replac by batteries. It would just make a lot more sense if instead of 53 km on electricity, it could have driven 300 km. Then it would have been the perfect environmentally friendly car for the trip to the beach, on a weekend trip to the beach hotel and whatever else you can do within that radius.

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