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Link to COSPAR 42nd Assembly website on “Associat events” – here our work was present – scroll a good distance and find: “Small Satellites for Space Science (4S), a COSPAR Roadmap Document” Two years ago I had the pleasure of driving BMW’s plug-in hybrid i8 . There was then almost no limit to my benevolence. It was simply a fantastic car which combin the best of two worlds. The electric motor pull, together with the petrol engine, like a dream and it drove smoothly around all the bends I could find. The interior was super nice and the scissor doors gave it that extra shot of glamour, which could justify the price of 2.8 million.

Things That Did Work

When the roadster came this year, it was a good reason to try the i8 again – but things have chang. It is not possible to call it a disappointment. There has always been Bulk SMS Slovakia even more boost in the overall engine package, which now makes 374 hp (143 electric and 230 petrol) plus a longer range on pure electricity. Maybe it’s just me, but just two years later, the i8 almost seems a little old-fashion. The instruments are the same as in the original from 2014. So there is nothing with wide info screens or touch.

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Projects That Did Come

Almost everything has to be done with physical buttons. Not because I believe that all buttons should be remov, but the number should be ruc a bit. The seating position and leather DP Leads interior are still top class, but the soft top has not done any good for the sound level. One thing is wind noise, another is rattling sounds, which became quite annoying at 110 km/h. The two children’s rear seats have also been remov, so that there is room for the hood when roll down. This means that significant luggage space has disappear, so that there is only room for a few shopping bags or a weekend bag in the back.

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