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Request a demo of our platform and learn how to improve each of your processes by having a better display of your information. Surely you have an interest in establishing quality indicators and measuring them, but with so much data available at your fingertips, it can be difficult to decide what to report. When choosing which Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to track, we believe it is always much more valuable to focus on the most important ones, rather than setting many and wanting to cover it all. But what are they and what do they tell you about the performance of your company.

Examples of quality indicators

This article we’ve round up 5 essential quality KPIs that you and every company should follow, and of course, we’ll also talk about what each of these indicators Brazil Business Email List tells you about the health of your business. 1) Documents: Response rate to notifications All of your document procures for identifying, collecting, storing, maintaining, and modifying quality and technical records are essential to maintaining a healthy quality management system. But how do you know if these procures and records are follow by all employees? One of the quality indicators is knowing the number of employees who perceive the changes in the documents. There are documents to follow quality processes that are sent to be known by different groups or individuals.

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Employees receive notifications the

The must read the updat documents and acknowlge that they understand the establish procures. You can use a dashboard to have a list of everyone who hasn’t DP Leads report knowing the document. You can then give this list to your leadership team or follow it up yourself so that everyone is aware of the policies that must be follow. Audits: Findings of the performance of the actions to be implement Quality professionals state that their main audit challenge was following through on recommendations and actions. So how can you make sure that the issues identifi in the audits are actually being address.

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