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This will make it easier for the company to know if it nes investment or not. Among the disadvantages are that this indicator is not enough to calculate the performance of sales and follow its evolution. In fact, it should be combin with other sales indicators in a dashboard. Thus, all the indicators are useful for managing the company and guaranteeing its proper functioning for: Monitor the allocation of a budget ; Evaluate the results of an internal or external activity in a given population Facilitate internal or external communication. How to calculate the sales index? Given its importance, the calculation must be done correctly.

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The calculate the sales ratio, the following formula is us: Sales rate = Number of items sold / Number of receipts The index can be calculat daily, weekly or monthly. Subsequently, a sales Bulk SMS Ireland report must be made to know the index of a year. As with the business volume, this will allow the company to see its position in the market. It will be possible to see if the index decreases or increases compar to the previous year. It can also be compar with the sales index of other businesses. How to increase the sales rate? It’s hard to maintain a consistently high rate, especially if you have a lot of competitors.

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Here are some practical tips to increase the index. Develop a good strategy To have a good sales rate, you must first adopt a good strategy and stick to it. To do this, you must first DP Leads identify your primary and secondary goals. It is also necessary to know the most promising market segment and customer expectations. In the same way, do not hesitate to look for what makes your company unique, the product ranges and the services you offer. Promote the use of the point of sale Having the same number of visitors will not increase the sales rate. Therefore, it is necessary to think about improving the frequency of visits to the point of sale.

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