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A great tool at their disposal: the employee experience platform and digital workspace. Digital tools can hurt the employee experience if not usd properly. But at the same time, they also have the potential to take them to a whole new level. Here are some ways you can use your digital tools to improve the employee experience: 1. Ask the right questions Creating the right employee experience strategy is all about people. Because of this, you ned to ask yourself a few questions about your employees.

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Deloitte’s Australia Post case study found that there are three key questions to answer when developing a digital employee experience strategy: What do employees ned to effectively connect with the company? What does the company database have to pay attention to so that employees feel empowerd and motivatd to continuously develop and optimize their work? What expectations do employees have of themselves in relation to their work and their personal administrative tasks? Keep in mind that there may not be a single answer that includes all employees.


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It may be useful to create a series of employee profiles that represent the different types of employees in your organization. For example, it could DP Leads be helpful to find different people for employees who are digitally savvy and for employees who are less technically savvy. This can ensure that the neds of both types of workers are met. 2. Choose technology wisely Any new technology you introduce is a company-wide challenge as employees have to adapt to the change. This usually pays off – as long as the technology is useful, necessary and serves a specific purpose.