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The awareness of the brand; we will highlight the rates of transformation of a budget into an invoice. An indicator of notoriety in social networks (number of “likes”, “retweets”, etc. The volume of business generat by new products or services, the rate of investment etc. Use a dashboard to measure your results Once the objectives of each of the selected metrics are know. It is easy to define a dashboard that contains these indicators and the actions to be carrie out, as well as their monitoring. In advance, it is important to choose the elements to be controll: which indicators, which calculation rules, how to collect the information.

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Once these elements have been chosen, it will be necessary to use a format that allows, on the one hand, effective analysis and rapid decision-making, and on the other, easy Spain Business Fax List updating of this data. By synthesizing the numerous and sometimes complex data that you generate, a dashboard will allow you to act quickly and efficiently and will prove to be an indispensable pillar of your company’s strategy and development. If you have already chosen the metrics to measure results and you need a dashboard that allows you to monitor them, we invite you to discover TuDashboard, a software to create the dashboards you need so that you can view your information in real time and make the best decisions.

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Health Dashboard: What it is, examples and metrics to follow POSTED ONAUGUST , 0 Healthcare providers have to keep up with numerous and dynamic tasks and DP Leads scenarios, and while it would be nice if each task emerged one by one in a timely manner, that is often not the case, so a healthcare dashboard is an  tool . for your organization. Today we will learn how a dashboard allows you to have all the health data in one place, and helps to carry out the work efficiently. What is a health dashboard? Healthcare organizations depend on having access to the latest performance data so they can make the right decision at the right time.