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the KPIs us to measure customer satisfaction or product quality are integrat into a dashboard. The commercial performance of a company is not only bas on the effectiveness of the sales force, but also on the effectiveness of the work environment to achieve the objectives set. This notion applies to all customer-facing departments (for example, marketing or human resources departments). Learn how to calculate sales performance effectively. Examples of KPIs to increase sales There are several indicators that will help you to know the performance of your sales area. You can classify them as follows Results indicators .

These are hard numbers on

Salesperson performance that you can follow month-to-month and/or year-to-year to see how your sales productivity is progressing. Quantitative indicators of sales Australia B2B Leads performance can : The numr of prospecting calls; Generation of qualifi leads; The numr of prospecting appointments made; The volume of clos sales; The term of the sales cycle; Ongoing sales; New clients sign; Lead conversion rate; Volume of business made. There are also qualitative indicators that can help you spot invisible gaps. The KPIs to increase sales can also : The qualification of the prospecting file; The true causes of business loss.

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The number of appointments

The made alone versus those made with the boss/manager; The numr of complaints/claims/dissatisfaction; Prospect Objections From the two types of indicators above, you DP Leads can create indices that allow you to go further in your strategic management : Appointment Setting Rate : The numr of sales appointments schul from prospecting efforts. Prospect conversion rate : This is another of the sales KPIs that allows you to know the volume of prospecting appointments that have l to a sale. Customer retention rate : There are customer retention metrics that allow you to verify that your salespeople are retaining their customers. Churn Rate : The numr of customers who have not en referr this year. Customer renewal rate : Numr of customers who did not place an order last year.

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