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However, the percentages assume that your result is black or white. Customers are satisfi or they are not. Employees either had an accident at work or they didn’t. In other words, they don’t tell you the degree or the extent, like how satisfi or how injur he is. Here are other KPIs for businesses that may also be useful to you. sums or totals Where counts are generally consider discrete measures because their values ​​can only be integers, sums or totals are generally consider continuous measures because their values ​​can be almost anything, including decimals.

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Sales calls Total Bill Sales Revenue Similar to counts, sums and totals can be misleading if the size of the scope or opportunity varies over time. If the total time spent making sales Sweden Business Email List calls in May and June is 45.25 hours, but the total number of sales calls in May is twice as many as in June, you would probably evaluate performance differently. averages An average is usually a sum or total divid by a count of things or people on which the sum is bas: Average customer satisfaction rating Average days lost due to injury per employee Average sales revenue per sales call When you’re interest in understanding the overall level of degree or magnitude to which a particular result is happening.

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Just whether or not it’s happening, averages are great, so this is another of the most commonly us KPI measurement formulas. However, the three main limitations of using averages DP Leads are small populations, outliers, and skew distributions.  average very volatile over time and make it appear more accurate than it actually is. Averages bas on 2 or 3 values ​​are almost useless. Outliers can greatly skew the results, such as one or two employees having hundrs of days off work due to very serious but very rare injuries.

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