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Learn more about the importance of business intelligence . Identify who will use business intelligence in your company fore deciding which tool to use, identify which users or departments in your company will use data analysis and whether it will nefit them or present new challenges. Let’s analyze the users who can make use of business intelligence and who will surely make use of this Business Intelligence Guide.   your regular employees and will ne basic management reports to obtain information. They are not responsible, nor do they have the necessary training to analyze the data, but only use the information offer through the dashboard to improve their operations.

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Advanc users : they are managers, such as sales managers, marketing managers, service managers, etc.  right skills to analyze, organize, and present data and insights to top-level Cambodia Phone Number List management to make inform decisions. Executives: refers to high-level employees who can define KPIs with the authority to make changes and drive growth in your business. Like basic users, they don’t have the ability to analyze the data, but use it to ruce costs, improve productivity, and generate profit. Analytics: These are your organization’s business intelligence experts, as they excel at collecting, analyzing, organizing.

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Presenting data in numerical and visual formats. These users look at the statistics and create a logical argument for you to make productive decisions. They also forecast new DP Leads data patterns, trends, and even discover new insights. IT Department: They are the minds responsible for integrating the business intelligence solution into the infrastructure of a company. The IT department aims to bridge the gap tween the business intelligence solution and business operations to get the most out of your new dashboard software. Learn how to take advantage of self-service Business Intelligence . What you ne to implement a business intelligence solution Now that you’re familiar with business intelligence solutions and how they can help user groups in your business, it’s time to address.

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