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Align these goals with changing realities. And, therefore, readjust policies and processes. It goes without saying that HR decisions have a direct impact on the organization’s business goals, so it’s important that you follow the right HR KPIs . Examples of measurable Human Resources objectives Let’s see some of the measurable objectives that the Human Resources area of ​​your organization can follow up on: Hire new employees Employee retention Development of competences. talent recruitment Publish a job offer, select CVs, conduct interviews to verify the knowlge and professional qualities of the candidates, integrate the new employee.

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A day-to-day basis, hiring is one of the measurable objectives of Human Resources. Hiring now requires more communication and proactivity. Employer branding has become Poland Phone Number List essential to making candidates want to apply.  very useful for you: How to measure vacancy coverage time How to Calculate the Cost of Hiring Staff Importance of evaluating the rate of interviews for hiring personnel staff retention It is one thing to attract talent, but another is to retain them in the long term. The role of Human Resources is to maintain a stable staff in the long term.

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For this, there is nothing like a good atmosphere in the team. Think outside the box and organize group activities.   team cohesion and break the routine. For other motivation criteria, such DP Leads as passion for work, autonomy and responsibilities or diversity of tasks. The annual interview is a good time to listen to employees. Learn more about the employee turnover rate and how to measure it. Development of competences throughout the professional career This is another of the measurable objectives of Human Resources, since as an area it is responsible for the management and transmission of skills within the company: Train new employees Develop the skills of current employees taking into account new work tools and technologies Offer perspectives of internal development.

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