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Holistic marketing – what does it really mean? The holistic concept of marketing is a new and fresh approach to strategy development in this environment. It was creat as a result of the development of the Internet and innovations progressing in the industry. Phenomena such as globalization or CSR – corporate social responsibility are also significant. Marketing experts – Kevin Lane Keller and Philip Kotler – propos a list of elements that make up the holistic concept of marketing. These are: Relationship marketing Integrat marketing internal marketing Only the combination of all these ingrients gives us the final holistic concept of marketing.

Socially responsible marketing

Holistic approach to content – how to get it? In the field of content marketing, a holistic approach can be implement by following the following principles: Everything matters Marketing guru – Philip Kotler – in the definition of a holistic approach to whatsapp mobile number list this industry, was tempt to make a rather general statement that ” everything matters “. In content marketing, this is also true, because everything is important – the entire writing process: from the idea for the text, selecting phrases with potential, to the full stop at the end of the last sentence. All. Professionalism and the power of authority A few weeks ago, Google announc another revolution. content changing? Author Rank becomes an important factor. In a nutshell, this means that all content should be expert and professional. The authority of the content creator.

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How is the approach to creating

A specialist in his field – becomes something honor and support, thanks to which the content will reach higher positions in the search DP Leads engine compar to. Another important factor becomes ” everyday expertise “, meaning life experience for example, a woman taking care of her newborn, without a mical or midwifery degree. Texts written by a person with life experience will also be honor, as will articles written by an expert.

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