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Control is present at all levels of company management, from the lowest to the highest. Management control features An effective management control system has the following characteristics: Helps achieve organizational goals Facilitates optimal use of resources Evaluate the accuracy of the standard It also establishes discipline and order. Motivates employees and increases morale Ensures future planning by reviewing standards Improves the overall performance of an organization It also minimizes errors Control is a retrospective function that returns the management cycle to the planning function.

Planning is a prospective

Process as it deals with forecasts about future conditions. Learn the keys to strategic planning . Control process in a company The control process involves the following steps: Standard Jamaica Business Email List setting : This means setting the goal that must be achiev in order to achieve organizational goals. The standards indicate the performance criteria. Control standards are classifi as quantitative and qualitative standards. Quantitative standards are express in terms of money. On the other hand, qualitative standards include intangible elements. Measurement of actual performance : The actual performance of the employee is measur against the target. With increasing levels of management, performance measurement becomes difficult. Comparison of Actual to Standard Performance : This compares the degree of difference between actual and standard performance.

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Adoption of corrective measures

It is initiat by the manager, who corrects any defects in actual performance. The control process regulates the activities of the companies so that the actual performance conforms to DP Leads the standard plan. An effective personnel management control system allows managers to avoid circumstances that cause losses in the company. Discover how to achieve business performance management Types of management control of a company There are three types of management control: Feback control : This process involves collecting information about a complet task, evaluating that information, and improvising the same type of tasks in the future. Simultaneous control : It is also call real-time control. Reviews any problems and examines them to take action before any loss occurs.

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