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Improvement is achiev through the application of safer tools, equipment and processes. The result is more effective business process management training and practices . However, it is rare to find an organization that can sustain continuous improvement over time. In many cases, graphs of accident frequency rates and accident statistics and other indicators reveal a series of peaks and troughs. In large organizations, the challenge is maintaining consistency across multiple departments or sites. However, the occurrence of a serious event can have a catastrophic effect on the results. Thus, it will overshadow the overall performance of the system.

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Damage to the company’s reputation. How to prevent risks at work? Organizations that manage to sustain continuous improvement focus on performance indicators . And those that are UK Business Email List not successful focus only on the result indicators (accident frequency rate, numr of events, numr of accidents in critical risks. The success or failure of security programs is often measur after the fact. Accident frequency rates and associat costs are analyz. These indicators are call reactive or outcome indicators. Performance indicators refer to processes design to prevent the occurrence of dangerous situations on site. These indicators provide the add value of prevention. They prict that an incident or accident could occur if not address.

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Indicators for risk prevention offer

The opportunity to monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of security systems and processes. In this way, the performance of the occupational safety management system or DP Leads the safety culture of a company is improv. Additionally, performance indicators are us to compare current practices. They also demonstrate continuous improvement over time. Examples of indicators for risk prevention Here are some examples of risk prevention indicators that will allow you to assess the status of your occupational safety management system in real time: Index of safety conditions identifi in the field, machines or equipment Numr of visits and observations to the facilities for supervision, compar from one period to another.

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