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These bars are usually plac on 2 axes that can be revers depending on whether you want to make a horizontal or vertical bar chart. example of a bar graph Bar Chart Advantages and Disadvantages Among the advantages and disadvantages of using a bar graph are: Advantages Global view of the frequency of a discrete variable. It is a very easy type of chart to create. Also, it is very useful for transferring information. Disadvantages With this graph we cannot represent a continuous variable. In this sense, we should look for another type of chart, such as the line chart.

Types of Bar Graphs

There are several types of bar charts , choose the one that best suits the representation of your information: Simple bar chart : Represents the values ​​studi, locat on two axes. It can be Thailand Phone Number List us to show the evolution of a variable over a period of time or to compare the values ​​of different categories. Multiple Bar Chart s: It consists of several series of groups of bars that represent a set of data locat on 2 axes. This type of bar chart can be us, for example, to compare various types of variables over different years.

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Composite Bar Chart Also

The call a stack bar chart, it has individual bars representing each of the data sets stack on top of each other. This bar graph is mainly us to compare several variables that DP Leads make up a set. types of bar graphs We share 10 tips for a better visualization of your data . Difference Between a Bar Chart and a Histogram The two main differences between histograms and bar charts are the spaces between the bars and the data types. Histograms do not have spaces between bars , unlike bar charts. However, many software tools allow you to check a bar chart so that there are no gaps between them,

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