What to consider when composing email subject lines?

Today’s post is quite What to consider short. I’ll share with you one observation about email subject lines and the harm of using statistics “blindly”.

Many mailing services provide statistics on email open rates depending on the subject line length. As you can imagine, the statistics are based on millions of emails. And these figures are hospital averages.

My observation

It turns out that many email marketers use this statistic “blindly” – they make Ebay Data it a matter of principle not to make the subject line longer than 40 characters. It is obvious that Open Rate depends not only on the subject line length. In my opinion, the length is not even in the TOP-3 factors influencing open rate.

Over the last few A/B tests I’ve conducted on newsletters for Tactica clients, I’ve noticed the following:

Emails with more specific

Subject lines have better open rates, even if they are longer. If the subject line is shortened to the point of being less specific, the open rate will likely be lower.

Of course, a short and vague topic may be more openable. In this DP Leads case, the click-through rate (CTOR) will most likely be much lower.

3 tips:

First of all, always A/B test your emails 🙂

Secondly, make the topic specific: this way you will not lose in the open rate and click-through rate of your newsletters.

Thirdly, try to reflect the essence of the letter in the first 30-35 characters of the subject, since on many mobile devices only this volume is visible.