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This article, we’ll explore five key areas we can focus on to measure engagement and help define the success of your event: Email and content tracking Registration vs. event check-in social impressions sponsor commitment let’s start Examples of event management metrics Relying on your data to support what you know motivates your audience is an effective strategy.  Ask them for feback. It uses that information to inform the next event, and so on. These are some of the event management metrics that you can monitor through a dashboard.

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Engagement with email Open and click rates These common marketing metrics still hold value for events. Having a high and rising level is good. Take what you know about consumer Jamaica Phone Number List havior and apply it to your event audience. If they trust you and find the information you share useful, they will keep coming back. These email marketing metrics will useful to you. Consumption vs. conversion rates Open and reopen rates and timestamps can tell you even more about your attendees. What happens if you measure the data at 4 weeks and then at 4 days after the event.

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Commitment fore the event even happens. Moving to face-to-face mode: How do the open values, clicks and duration of the session (which reflect the actual havior of the attendees) compare DP Leads with, for example, the conference agenda? If attendees are glu to their phones during sessions, it could a sign of high engagement. Think, if they’re on the site and keep pulling out their phones to read or reread your event emails during schul networking activities, what does that say about engagement? CTA Conversions Another of the event management metrics are calls to action. Look for opportunities like low content consumption or conversion to test your calls to action. A button may the boldest and most autiful button, but is it relevant? Does what you are asking make sense?

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