25 Marketing Strategies to make a good Marketing Mix

25 Marketing Strategies to make a good Marketing Mix. If you have a business or entrepreneurial project and are considering how to make it known, this list may help you. It is a compilation of the 25 most outstanding marketing strategies that a brand can use to reach its audience. Choose the ones that suit you best, combine them, shake them and make a good Marketing Mix. The ways that a company currently has to make itself known and reach the public are multiple.

Interruption Marketing

Interruption Marketing. It is the type of marketing that has always been practiced in traditional media. It consists of interrupting the user in their activity and offering them something striking that captures their attention. Consumers are quite tired of this form of advertising and usually avoid it because it is annoying. In fact, a very common practice when viewers watch television is to zap when job function email list the ads arrive. Furthermore, for brands and companies it is an expensive option that does not allow them to target exactly the customer profile they want to attract.

Indirect or Permission Marketing

Indirect or Permission Marketing. Unlike interruption marketing, this way of marketing is not as direct and invasive. It is not pure and simple advertising. This is a more subtle way to attract potential consumers by offering them content and material of interest. With this Indirect or Permission Marketing it is possible that the user is DP Leads often not even aware of the brand strategy behind it. For example, Content Marketing, which we will see later, belongs to this group.