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Which are align with the vision of the company . It helps the company to become proactive, instead of reactive. So that it analyzes the actions of competitors. Takes the necessary steps to compete in the market , instead of becoming a bystander. It acts as the basis for all key business decisions. Platform that are preventing users from making a purchase. And it’s important to continually monitor this to see if your methods of rucing cart abandonment are working. The best way to ruce your cart abandonment rate would be to remove any barriers that are stopping a purchase. The top three reasons for cart abandonment are additional costs, mandatory account creation, and a complicat checkout process.

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The evaluating opportunities and threats, taking into account the strengths and weaknesses of the company and developing strategies for its survival, growth and expansion Bhutan Business Email List for strategic management This is the process you must carry out for strategic management: Define the levels of strategic intent of the business : set the vision design the mission To establish objectives formulate strategy. Conduct an environmental and organizational assessment Considering the strategies Conduct a strategic analysis Create strategies Prepare the strategic plan 3. Implementation of the strategy Put the strategies into practice Develop structures and systems.

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Manage behavioral and functional implementation Strategic evaluation. And control perform assessment exercise control recreate strategies Strategic management is DP Leads about specifying the vision. Mission and objectives of the organization, assessing the environment. Designing strategies, evaluating and controlling.   for setting company goals . Advantages of strategic management Here are some of the benefits of strategic management. Advantages of strategic management Help to choose the best alternative : Helps the organization to choose. Improves the competence of the employees. It benefits the organization’s personnel to execute their functions with a competence that serves to increase their efficiency.