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Quantitative method If you are running a small business, this method will work perfectly for you. In the quantitative method, you ne to know the normal operating performance of your company, average it, and then divide it by the total number of employees in the entire company or in a certain department or team. Once you have this number, you can use it as a base to compare and measure the level of productivity of your employees. However, for the method to be effective, you must be reasonable when establishing your baseline.

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The mind the factors that can affect the productivity of your employees, such as incomplete equipment, delays in the arrival of materials and other factors that are beyond Macau Business Email List the control of your employees. Find out how to measure remote work productivity . By objectives For this method to work, you ne to set clearly defin goals for employees that contribute to the overall goals of your business. These objectives, of course, must be adequately communicat to the employees so that they really know how valuable they are and how indispensable they are to achieve those objectives. In theory, management by objectives can help increase the productivity of employees by empowering them, but remember this.

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While you want your employees to feel as empower as possible, you ne to establish accountability and ensure they stay focus. Ask your employees to meet with their DP Leads superiors so that they can talk about their progress and their problems, so that there are no loose nails when calculating work productivity.  way of calculating labor productivity, employees keep track of how they spend their work hours. This can greatly limit any time wast due to non-work relat activities such as texting, using the internet or chatting with co-workers. Also keeping track and monitoring time will help them keep up with business goals.