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The best scenario would be to have an HR Dashboard to realize this on a regular basis, allowing for better performance visibility and company-wide analysis and comparison to address underperformance. 5. Antisocial behavior Another of the indicators to measure the motivation of employees is apathy. This can even occur if there is a clear vision and defin long-term objectives that provide guidelines to follow. People are less motivat to perform at their best in a bad work environment. Unfortunately, an individual’s antisocial behavior can have a significant impact on the work environment.

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This is not a harmless personality trait, should be monitor through evaluations by the leader and coworkers. Sometimes an employee who can have a negative impact on the atmosphere in Portugal Business Email List one place can become a positive resource in a different department or site. I share some of the benefits of employee socialization . Reluctance to assume responsibilities or accept new projects Highly motivat employees engage in new tasks and take personal care that projects are deliver and clients receive excellent service. There can be many reasons why people avoid responsibility (such as lack of experience or training), but avoiding responsibilities or new roles often indicates that the employee already has one foot outside the company. I share 5 other indicators to measure the success of human capital in a company.

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The help of a dashboard These 6 indicators to measure employee motivation give you a starting point. A general idea of ​​the performance of your staff and organization. The first three DP Leads metrics can usually be made visible with the help of a good employee performance metrics monitoring system . The last three metrics require a comprehensive HR system that also includes feback from leaders and coworkers. No matter the size of your organization, if you want to paint a clear and unbias picture of your people. You must depend on the right data.