Alert configuration and permission request

Yes, I know: “it is better to ask for forgiveness than permission . ” I am also one of those. But in this case it doesn’t work. Either you ask permission or you cannot send the notifications. Cachonlaputis . So, if you’ll allow me, one of the most important points is how you defend in a title line that someone subscribes by turning on notifications . Difficult! At this point you must configure how you want that “popup” to look like. Use your imagination to try to achieve the best results . I, being a scoundrel, have chosen to resort to a very sneaky trick: the “NO” button is too aggressive. You can’t just tell me “no thanks”, you have to tell me “Victor KK”. Because I couldn’t make a fart, otherwise…

Welcome notification

With Puschcrew you can configure a welcome notification that will reach the subscriber as soon as they complete the authorization process . I think it’s a good way to say thank you and show how you will send notifications. Pushcrew Catch 03 I have chosen to take advantage of that function to offer you gifts, the gifts that category email list I offer to my subscribers… okay, to kindly suggest that you subscribe. I’m in a hurry! Ha ha ha. Have you seen what a cool photo in the purest NP style? Ha ha ha ha ha ha. Sending RSS To Push Notifications with Pushcrew One of the features that I liked the most about this tool is the possibility of automating the sending of notifications with one or more RSS feeds . Come on, if you have a blog and you’re a lazy person like me, Pushcrew automatically notifies your subscribers when there’s new content.

How to revoke a push notification authorization

Look, my grandmother already told me: “baby, you’re very good-natured, that’s why they beat you up in the yard…”. Do you think I was going to ask you to subscribe without offering you the chance to get rid of me whenever you want? That’s not like me! In the same way that I have been testing and subscribing to various sites, I have searched to tell DP Leads you precisely how you can revoke an authorization in both Chrome and Firefox. This way you can accept my proposal without fear… hehehehe. For Firexox you have to go to Settings – Content – ​​Notifications – Notification Permissions to delete the site from which you no longer want to receive them.