Can you integrate a corporate social network into your intranet

In the first episode I made Can  integrate some recommendations for the basic plugins that a WordPress installation should have. Among them was a caching plugin more specifically. The WP Rocket plugin. Which is the one I use myself, which is very powerful and very easy to configure. So Sergio Franco from (I see that the store is filling up with products, I’m very happy Sergio) wants to know how to configure WP Rocket. Answer Well, although Sergio asked the question for the Question for Face program, but what you need is a tutorial so here is the WP Rocket setup tutorial .

Advantages to Can  integrate

It is good to say that ClickFunnels is a very interesting tool to start, or for not too technical profiles since it is very easy to use (with just 3 clicks you can generate the necessary pages for a webinar, a launch, etc.). Now, How to configure I think company data that if you do not correctly understand what those funnels that ClickFunnel provides you do, you will not have good results because you will not understand the strategy that exists behind each of these funnels. Furthermore, although I have not personally used it in production, I have tried it and it does not convince me, for example its editor , or in the complete plan I do not like the email marketing tool it has at all. And using ActiveCampaign, in this aspect, ClickFunnels seemed very weak to me.

Integrate a corporate

New question from Santos Garrido, from . He has surely seen the QuestionporlaCara form and wants to do something similar to ask his audience about it. Answer There are many tools to carry out questionnaires. The one I use for this QuestionporlaCara is Microsoft Forms , since I use the Office suite and DP Leads the truth is that it is a fairly complete tool with a high degree of customization. A similar, and free, option would be Google Forms , although it is a little more limited in functionality and design. There are also alternatives like SurveyMonkey , Typeform , etc. And normally these tools have a free option of 100 responses per month and 10 questions per questionnaire. Although they have PRO versions that eliminate.