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This indicator allows marketing teams to tter organize menus and, in general, navigation on the site, since they know exactly what elements attract users. Know the importance of using the data of a website to avoid computer attacks. Commitment rate The area engagement rate of a web page is the percentage of people who click on this area after hovering over it. This indicator makes it possible to evaluate the potential of a space to generate interaction, it due to the size and shape of the element, its color, the wording or its positioning on the page. Every CTA, for example, should ideally have a high engagement rate, confirming the relevance of your design.

Conversion rate per click

The conversion rate per click is us to determine the conversion impact of a click on a given item. Of course, the conversion rate per click only applies to clickable elements. Specifically, this Paraguay Phone Number List class of UX KPIs allows you to know in an instant which areas of a page contribute to increas sales when click on. Then it is very easy to determine what type of content should highlight to maximize conversions a little more. How to monitor user experience KPIs Ideally, pay attention to user patterns and how they interact with your product. But maintaining visibility across all of your data hosting platforms takes time and can confusing.

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Data about user interaction

Having a UX dashboard that brings together all the data from UX operations or A/B testing data saves you and your team a lot of time and keeps everyone focus. The use DP Leads of a dashboard supports your decisions with data. comes from multiple sources, and a UX dashboard can help manage it. At TuDashboard we can help you find out how your users’ interaction with your product has en and monitor it through a dashboard. Request a demo of our survey software and learn how to measure your user experience indicators.