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The axis will normally start at 0 and go up to the largest measurement you are tracking.  charts to track monthly sales numbers, landing page revenue, or similar metrics. Consistent colors help keep the  on the data itself, though you can introduce certain accent colors to emphasize important data points or track changes over time. Advantages of the column chart: Easy to read and understand One data set can be chang without affecting others The ability to add data labels where ne without cluttering the chart too much. Disadvantages of a Column Chart With too many categories.

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It can become too overwhelming Advanc cluster column charts tend to be more difficult to understand at a quick glance . Bar chart You can often use a bar chart and a column chart in Hong Kong Phone Number List the same way, although column charts limit your label and comparison space. It is better to stick with a bar chart if: You work with longer tags Show negative numbers You compare 0 or more articles In this case, your data labels will go along the Y axis while the measurements will be along the X axis.

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Line chart The line chart is another of the standard data visualization types that is instantly recognizable.   to reveal trends, advances, or changes that occur over time. Like a DP Leads column chart, the data labels in a line chart are on the X axis, while the measures are on the Y axis. Be sure to use solid lines and avoid drawing more than four lines, as anything above this can be distracting. You should plan enough space so that your lines are about 2/3 of the height of the Y axis. 5. Dual axis graph While most visualization charts use a single Y axis and X axis, a dual axis chart incorporates a shar X axis and two separate Y axes.