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Today we are going to learn about some elements to consider for proper strategic management and how it helps determine the long-term performance of an organization. What is strategic management? The term “strategic management” is us to denote a branch of management concern with developing a strategic vision , setting objectives, formulating and implementing strategies, and introducing corrective measures for deviations (if any) to achieve the strategic intent of the organization. It involves scanning the environment (internal and external), formulation of the strategy (strategic plan and long-term planning), implementation of the strategy, and evaluation and monitoring.

Strategic management emphasizes evaluating

The monitoring external business opportunities and challenges against the company’s strengths and weaknesses. Strategic management objectives Strategic management Bangladesh Business Email List emphasizes evaluating and monitoring external business opportunities and challenges against the company’s strengths and weaknesses. It has two objectives: Obtain competitive advantage , with the objective of surpassing competitors, to achieve market dominance. Act as a guide for the organization to help it survive changes in the business environment. Here, changes refer to the internal environment. within the organization, introduc by managers, such as changes in business policies, procures, etc. and changes to the external environment such as changes in government regulations.

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The coin it provides corrective feback in a timely manner. that can affect the companies. The movements of the competitors, the changes in the tastes and preferences of DP Leads the clients, etc. The basic objective of strategic management is to achieve sustain strategic competitiveness of the company. This is possible by developing and implementing strategies that create value for the company. I share 3 questions to create the right business strategy . Importance of strategic management These are some of the reasons. Why you must have a correct strategic management to achieve organizational goals. It guides the company to move in a specific direction. Defines the goals of the organization and establishes realistic objectives.