WooCommerce and how to create your WordPress Store step by step

WooCommerce is a free add-on or plugin for WordPress. which is installed on a website developed with this CMS to turn it into an Online Store. It has a wide package of functionalities that allow us to sell different product catalogs on the Internet. In short. it is a plugin that serves to transform a simple blog or corporate website into an entire Online Store, with functions capable of competing with other top-level CMS and natively designed to design an eCommerce. such as PrestaShop or Magento. among others. Currently. WooCommerce is one of the preferred options for many developers and designers.

What is WooCommerce and what is it for?

In this way, whether you want to have a reservation system, memberships. eCommerce or email database simply add a small section on your website where you can sell your products. and you already use WordPress. This is surely your perfect option or plugin. And to tell you in depth how to install it step by step and how to configure it correctly. I have invited Antonio Muñoz. A great expert on everything that surrounds the eCommerce sector. who will be the one to guide you through this interesting process. Now. I leave you with this complete guide and video tutorial! How to install WooCommerce on your WordPress to create a Store.

How to install WooCommerce on your WordPress to create a Store? Tutorial in Spanish step by step

Once this plugin is installed, a configuration wizard will appear to customize your online store. Although you have the DP Leads possibility of configuring it later. In short. To make the adjustments for correct operation. You must do the following: 1. Configure the store location The location will be the first adjustment where you must influence. In this case, we are going to assume that our business is located in Spain. Next, we will enter the specific address, that is, the street or avenue where your store is located. Or the tax address of your business. If you are a Freelancer and work from home. The address would be this one. Or the Coworking where you are.