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What surely happen was that you plann your day the night before and you felt that you were up to date with your tasks. However, things start to go wrong as you kept adding to your list one task after another and finally your task list was huge. Your to-do list also contains activities that were virtually impossible to accomplish in a single day. The other point that contribut to your chaotic and stressful day was not understanding how long it would take you to complete a particular task and when to do it. If you had had this information it would have been easier to determine the right moment to carry out the task.

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Finally there really was no flexibility in your plans. You forgot to add extra time between tasks and understand that some of them are much bigger and longer than Israel Business Email List they appear.  What are the keys to increase productivity ? Errors when creating a to-do list Do you really know what you are suppos to do? How much time did you actually spend planning your day? Was it just 5 minutes while the TV was distracting you? If that’s the case, then this was probably the main reason why your day became so stressful.

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When you plan your days you should really try to understand the tasks you are about to do and what it takes to get them done. This is especially necessary with important DP Leads tasks as you can progress if you carry them out. Lack of time spent planning will also show up as too many big tasks on your daily list. If you haven’t broken tasks down into smaller parts, you probably won’t be doing them during the day.   you punish yourself for not completing your to-do list. Lastly, don’t try to create a to-do list as an afterthought that you try to get done as quickly as possible.