Google And Meta Have Announced New Features And Updates To Improve Your Ad Performance

Guilherme Rezende
Apr 6 | 6 min read
google meta new ad features
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Try for free hese updates promise to optimize advertisers’ work and improve their performance and data analysis in several ways.

In this article, I’ll talk about each update and how you can take advantage of these updates to improve your marketing results.

Let’s start now with the news that Google has prepared for us.

Google Ads Editor Version 2.3 launch

According to Google, more than half of them use platforms such as YouTube, Gmail and Discovery, among others, in their daily routines to research and try out new products.Let’s see this news.

More attractive layouts
Now, in addition to carousel, square and portrait formats, Discovery ads now have new product feeds. In practice, advertisers can now use images of their Ws Database products and short texts with their Merchant Center catalog.

According to Google, advertisers will be able to generate 45% more conversions at the same CPA when using product feeds in their Discovery ads.

We don’t know if, in practice, the results will be as promised, but it’s worth testing!

Source: Google Ads
Better reporting and measurement
Scheduled for the end of this month, Google will launch product-level reports, allowing advertisers to track the performance of their catalog products in order to improve their results from their Discovery campaigns and video actions with more accurate data.

Source: Google Ads
Additionally, data-driven attribution (DDA) is available for Discovery campaigns. This type of attribution gives credit for a conversion based on how users interact with your ads, and tracks that data to understand which campaigns convert the most.

According to the company, changing its attribution has increased, on average, 6% of platform advertiser conversions.

About Google updates
There is no doubt that these updates come to add to and improve the work of advertisers on the ad platform.

I, who work with Google Ads every day, am already testing some of the new features and I can say that the new features in Google Ads Editor are incredible and have saved me a lot of time.

Let’s now go to the news that Meta has prepared for its advertisers.

New features for Google Discovery Ads

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Discovery Ads’ new layouts and DP Lead product feeds offer new possibilities for advertisers to improve their conversion rates. Additionally, Google’s new product-level reporting promises to help advertisers better understand how their ads are performing and make smarter decisions.

Meta’s novelties also help a lot retailers who want to increase the performance of their campaigns by providing valuable data for the ad tool.