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 There are paid image libraries, there  latest database  are also free image libraries from which you can download royalty-free images for your free use, and even for commercial use.( I will explain in detail below. Now, before you get excited about the word “ free”, I want to tell you a few important things. Beware of images you download When I do web design work for my clients, I always control what I want to add to the site.

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 I mean, I try to instruct my clients in the use of images, copywriting, colors, fonts, etc. And, to the extent possible, I will kindly force them to prepare content that will help to improve the quality of the end result. “ The quality of a website is achieved through good material.” Signature: me. If you are planning to build a website, do not think to search for and  DP Leads  download any images you find there. You must be very aware that these images are copyrighted in most cases and that you start downloading and using them without