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What the campaign will look like depends on the imagination of the marketer, the type of product and the possibilities offere by the platform. It is worth remembering that there are new sales and affiliation opportunities on Instagram, TikTok or Facebook all the time. It’s the same with search engines. Other features change or lose effectiveness over time. Therefore, performance marketing is not a solution that can be applie “from the template” and count on results. The beginning, of course, is always the same: a marketing audit and setting a goal you care about.

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This is where precision and good planning count. Then you nee to choose the spaces where it will be easiest for you to achieve these database goals. A company’s communication strategy can include performance marketing of various kinds, seamlessly combine with content marketing and other online activities. The last stage of the campaign is measuring the results. Without it, you won’t know what works and what doesn’t. On the one hand, this means constant analysis and the nee to make constant modifications to the strategy.


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On the other hand, modifying ads on a regular basis allows you to save even more (and you pay only for the action you perform – click or purchase anyway). We recommend When is a research trial what might be useful? When you see that a DP Leads certain platform or content is not effective, you can change it quickly. By releasing test series of Google Ads or Facebook ads, you can almost see what works and what doesn’t. You can resign from less effective solutions, shift the budget and improve ideas that have worke. Examples of types and applications of performance marketing There are many types of such marketing campaigns. New ones appear all the time. Performance marketing can be: affiliation – the online equivalent of the former commission. A travel blogger can include a link to the ticket search engine in the text.