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Giving your remote team autonomy and giving them the freom to work at their own pace is essential. To make sure you don’t compromise on the quality of work and meet delivery commitments, you ne to focus on managing your workflows and measuring them. Monitor performance metrics. Productivity metrics should focus on achievements and results instead of working hours. Time online doesn’t necessarily translate to productive time. Measure basic flow metrics cycle time, throughput and work in progress, and optimize the prictability of your delivery process.

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Communicate what nes to be done and keep your attention there. By keeping your workflow performance high and delivery times low, you improve customer Poland Business Email List satisfaction and maintain high levels of engagement and motivation. Learn how to create performance metrics for your organization and measure them with the help of a dashboard.  Provide encouragement and emotional support to your team  communication are lost in remote work, even when using video conferencing. Managers must listen to employees’ concerns and empathize with their struggles or difficulties.

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Two-prong approach, both acknowlging the “feeling of isolation” employees might be feeling when working remotely, but also encouraging self-initiative and acts of DP Leads leadership in their teams. With this support, people are more likely to approach their work with a sense of responsibility and focus. Although sometimes overlook, a peaceful and healthy mind is key to avoiding problems or difficulties when working from home and in self-isolation. Here are other strategies for working remotely: Listen to your team members and make it clear that they are being heard by taking action accordingly. Simply put, be understanding and supportive. There’s no better way to show your team that their opinion matters. Take the time to provide positive feback on a job well done. Expressing appreciation can help lessen a lot of the discomfort on your remote team.