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Therefore, we can say that the budget is the cause and the budget control is the effect. Budget control functions set budgets formulate policies Compare actual results with budget results Take corrective and remial actions (if possible. Revise budgets (if necessary) Attributing responsibility when the objective is not achiev Budgetary control involves a system that involves continually comparing actual performance against budgets and taking immiate corrective action to ensure adherence to the plan. I recommend you learn more about the relationship between the and the performance of your objectives Characteristics of budgetary control Determination of goals.

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Determine the objectives to be achiev during the accounting period. And the policies that will be implement to achieve these objectives. Objective achievement: Determines the range Haiti Business Email List of activities that will be carri out to achieve the objectives. Design of the plan: Helps to formulate a plan or outlines the operations, in relation to each stage of the activity, both physically and monetarily, during the entire period. Compare: Establishes a system to compare actual performance against budget, by individual, unit, or department, and determines the causes of discrepancies correction or revision.

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The necessary corrective steps will be taken at the correct time when there are deviations from the budget objectives and if that cannot be implement. Then the plan is revis considering DP Leads all factors. Budgetary control aims to prescribe in exact terms what should be do. how it should be done in the future. To ensure that current performance is in line with budgets. I invite you to learn about 5 KPIs for finance managers that may be useful to you. Objectives of budgetary control Accurately outline business objectives and establish performance objectives for each business unit and department. Define the responsibilities of each supervisor, manager. And other employees so that each member of the organization knows their job, rights, and responsibilities.