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What is performance management software? It is a tool that helps you continuously monitor the performance of your employees and helps your managers identify areas where team skills ne to be develop. In a visual way, then, follow the achievement of your objectives throughout a set period. Continuous and digitized evaluation transforms the manager-employee relationship and positions the manager as a talent observer. Advantages of using a software to manage the performance of your business.

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The  using a performance management software, for example to create a single, clear monthly KPIs report and with the necessary information to help us Ecuador Business Email List generate the changes we want . With TuDashboard you can simplify the creation of reports and help take your company to the next level. And since we know that sometimes you have to experiment, create a free account so that you can start exploring all our functions. Here are some of the ways to take advantage of this tool and monitor your key metrics in a simple and strategic way: Create informative dashboards with your most important metrics.

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Compar to data present in an Excel file, you can use different types of charts and make it much easier to visualize and understand how a performance DP Leads measure is performing. You can create charts that automatically calculate trends or display trend lines to quickly visualize when data is on or off track. Your graphics can even be customiz with your company colors. Share your dashboard with whoever you want.  into a briefing meeting where a member of the leadership team tells you that he has never seen the information you are currently reviewing? It is a common problem, however, with performance management software you can eliminate this problem. You can send the dashboard link or send it via email and keep your team updat. Assign an owner or manager to each of your KPIs.