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Social Mentions . A broad metric that covers the total numr of times a brand is actively mention across various social mia channels. Buys This brand positioning KPI refers to the way people interact with a company in terms of purchasing havior. They usually relate directly to the brand’s conversion funnel. Evaluate the percentage of people who use a brand among a given audience, as well as how long ago a given customer has purchas from the company. It also tracks the average purchase value of customers in a given period of time. Rememr to also check the percentage of visits (either online or in store) that translates into a sale and/or a customer.

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Purchase frequency is . Evaluate brand positioning KPIs with the help of a dashboard Using data from your marketing strategy will help you create successful campaigns that grow Lithuania Business Email List your brand A dashboard is an excellent tool for managing your brand. For example, it helps you to follow up on financial KPIs that represent the materialization of a brand’s impact. Rememr that the long-term value of a brand to the company can measur in context through perceptual, havioral, and financial metrics. In order to make a tter analysis of the brand positioning KPIs, use a dashboard and have in the same virtual space all the information you ne to make the st decisions for your business.

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More about the use of data dashboards , request a demo of our software. The fact that a company can have a sufficient stock, but not excessive, is essential to optimize the DP Leads different costs, meet production targets and satisfy orders on time, whatever the sector of activity. Today we’re going to share some inventory KPIs that will help you tter serve your customers, without putting a strain on your company’s budget. Within the logistics of a company, inventory management plays a fundamental role.