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One of the most It closer to consumers and, consequently, much more crible than simple logo. Branding makes your company perceiv more immiately Users make decisions in micro-moments. That happen over the course of a minute or two at most. You don’t have much time to show your users your product in an exhaustive way. With all the relat benefits that they can offer. The most strategic action you can do is to get to your customers’ stomachs , leading them to an emotional reaction. When a decision is made in a few minutes, you don’t waste. Time evaluating various sites and various products you orient yourself towards.

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The one that convinces “on the skin” , that is, the one that has manag to capture him to the “thank you. You page” in the most effective way. You can only achieve this result through a target branding strategy , which has the immiate reaction of users as its objective. The Benetton company is a comprehensive example of what has just been stat, as it has always bas. Its branding strategy on emotions , through raising seo expater bangladesh ltd awareness against racism. Of social minorities, as you can already see from the home page of their website. Branding-bb-saas-chart Are you interest in the topic and want to learn more.

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Check out these articles Branding, brand marketing and ROI SaaS email marketing the complete guide Social Mia Marketing and SaaS Processes, Strategy, Execution and Results Return to index. How to find the DP Leads right brand identity strategy in the software and BB SaaS sector. The difficulty in branding a product lies in finding something convincing and captivating, since there is always the risk of running into the opposite effect. That of risking something that makes customers distance themselves from the brand. How to understand which guidelines to follow and which limits should not be exce for optimal and non-counterproductive branding.