Podcasts are an effective means of promotion

Amazon or storytel. If you are a small bookshop.  You could offer files from new emerging writers or podcasts with.  Passages from classics or the books most read by people. If you have a language school, you could also share foreign language.  Files with exercises, which will be correct in subsequent podcasts. More ideas for podcast content there are many topics to.  Cover in a podcast, so keep in mind that the ones I propose are examples. You, who know the work you do and your target well, will surely know how to choose the right topic! To be more clear, I will give you some more ideas: if you have a local radio station, you could record files with the 

Even Big Brands Market With Podcasts

Day’s news and share the files on the website.  If instead you sell natural products, you could use podcasts to . Tell the origin of the new data products, their composition, where and how. The product is produc or which other products to combine are you a psychologist? Have you thought about sharing files in which with y. Our voice, you do narrative therapy or teach an autogenic training exercise? Are you a lawyer or an accountant? What are the problems you face most often? Why don’t you make podcasts with short . Explanations on recurring cases or the most interesting topics for . Your customers, to share on your website or on your facebook page? Does your 

More Ideas for Podcast Content

Company deal with renewable energy? Share some files on the site and better explain to users what you do and . What initiatives you take to respect the environment! Podcast advertising: brand voice advertising podcasts may interest you to. Advertise your physical store or your online shop and give visibility to your sme. Unlike other mia, in podcasts  DP Leads the listener is not a passive . Subject, but an active one, because he has chosen a specific content.  To listen to and not something that is thrown at him at random. Consequently, the level of involvement of a podcast advert is higher.  Than the same advert broadcast on tv or radio! In fact, advertising on podcasts is communication to a profil . Audience that is more attentive to advertising messages,