Learn About the Functions of a Product Owner

Product Owner is the professional in charge. Of maximizing the value of a solution generated in companies using agile methodologies. Learn About To guarantee the success of any project, it is essential that it has well-defined roles in all important areas. As we already explained in our article on the Scrum methodology , there are three fundamental roles for those who put this work method into practice . Specifically, the Product Owner ensures that the Scrum team adds value to the business in question . He represents the stakeholders or interested parties.

Learn About The Importance of the Product Owner

The figure of the Product Owner email database is key in agile projects. That is, those that require flexibility and speed in their execution. This is because nowadays people’s needs change at a dizzying pace. And companies must respond to these requirements in the shortest time possible. If the Product Owner does not perform his or her duties properly, the entire project could be compromised. This role is also known as the “voice of the customer”. Since it not only understands the requirements of the company, but also of the users.

Product Owner and a Product Manager

Although they may have similarities, both roles have DP Leads important differences, especially in the Scrum methodology. In this article we explain more about the characteristics of the Product Manager . As we explained before, the Product Owner is the key person in any agile project and helps deliver solutions . Serves as a liaison between the company and the development team. They carry the vision of the product and what needs to be developed, in addition to managing user feedback. Now, in general terms, for his management to be successful, this person should have the following qualities that we explain below.