Queer people want equality

Queer people want equality. Safety and visibility in the workplace. According to americanprogress.Org. “studies show that anywhere from 15% to 43% of gay people have experienc some form of discrimination and harassment in the workplace.” additionally. Entrepreneur reports that when it comes to companies’ initiatives to show support for diversity. Lgbtqia+ individuals communicate wanting to see brands protect their queer employees rather than cater to performative acts. When brands work to foster a safe and comfortable place to work. One which embraces employees’ bringing their full and authentic selves to the office. Consumers will notice and turn their buying power toward them.

To have the reach and understanding

To have the reach and understanding of a minority community. Those individuals should absolutely be a part of the initiative. Everyone must be represent africa email list fairly and equally; diversity and inclusion are not only necessary — they’re beneficial. Because when women. Men. People of color. The queer community. And individuals from unique circumstances collaborate. More information. Opinions and even disagreements make for better initiatives.

Become an ally today

Additionally. Take the time and budget to make contributions to lgbtqia+ foundations such as the trevor project. Which offers crisis support to help at-risk lgbtq youth. The glaad and loveloud foundations also make DP Leads meaningful and significant impacts with their distinctive programs to aid the queer community. Become an ally today There are so many opportunities for brands to make a genuine impact with the queer community. While lgbtqia+ individuals are looking for reciprocity. Now is the time for marketers to take a stand and become a part of queer equality effort.