The Challenges of Online Marketing and Social Media Agencies

The Challenges of Online Marketing and Social Media Agencies. The third debate of the Online Marketing Agencies Meeting was very interesting: What challenges do Digital Marketing companies have to face? We have summarized with content and in a video the main ideas that everyone contributed. The participating agencies on this occasion were Atistelecomm. After a short break  that we took advantage of to  network  and have a coffee, we got to work listening and learning from the third debate team. 

What challenges do Online Marketing agencies face

What challenges do Online Marketing agencies face. Here you have summarized the fundamental keys that were discussed in the third debate. I can tell you that the critical and decisive nature of the professionals who are part of the agencies is surprising. Through the challenges we learned better about the real problems they encounter in their daily lives and what solutions they propose to overcome email leads  the difficulties. Communication between departments. Improving internal communication between the different departments of an agency was one of the first challenges.

Communication between Agency-Client

Communication between Agency-Client. A fundamental challenge that Jorge Casasempere brought. Therefore, up for debate in his first speaking turn . Therefore,was to improve direct communication with the client since. Therefore, sometimes it is not done in the correct DP Leads way. Jorge encouraged us all to reflect on how we speak and communicate . Therefore, with the client and to practice more active listening to understand each other better.