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The result of the net profit margin calculation is a percentage. For example, a profit margin of 10% means that for every 1 peso in revenue the company earns 0.10 pesos in net profit. Revenue represents the total sales of the company in a period. How Net Profit Margin Works Net profit is calculat by subtracting all expenses from income. These include wages, salaries, utilities, and other expenses. Net sales are calculat by subtracting discounts, returns, and rebates from total revenue. Discounts are problems with a product or service that result in a price ruction to satisfy the customer. A return is any refund for a product or service.

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Indicate how well the company turns its sales into profit. In other words, the percentage calculat by the net profit margin equation is the percentage of your revenue that is profit that Portugal Phone Number List the company keeps. Both net sales and net income are relat to each other, in the sense that expenses can increase prices and decrease sales (depending on the product and the audience). It is not always easy to determine the exact relationship. For example, increasing expenses to produce a higher quality product could attract enough customers to increase net sales.

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Increase in expenses could also decrease net sales if too many of those expenses are pass on to customers in the form of higher prices. If customers decide that the higher price is DP Leads not worth the higher quality of the product, revenue will decline. I invite you to learn the differences tween gross margin and net margin . Now that you know what net profit margin is and how it’s calculat, it’s time to start tracking this indicator. At TuDashboard we have the tool you ne to monitor all your business data in real time, and have updat information when you ne it.