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Using a data-driven strategy ensures that you can not only create, but even prict how some of your brand’s marketing campaigns are going to go. Advantages of monitoring brand positioning KPIs Tracking brand positioning KPIs will help you develop a picture that enables you to make smart, profitable decisions that can attribut to data. You will have at hand the information to determine the opportunities to differentiate your brand, expand its knowlge and influence the preferences of your audience. By monitoring these and other KPIs you will able to do an analysis that allows you to find ways to increase sales and delight customers.

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Only the first step on the road to sales. What nes to done is position the brand, get those who are aware to consider, and get those who “consider” to take action. Examples of brand positioning Croatia Business Email List KPIs The following KPIs will help you obtain a large amount of information that you must analyze to create a successful future positioning strategy. You can include these indicators within your list of marketing KPIs : examples of brand positioning kpis brand awareness Brand awareness is the level of awareness of a company by consumers. It includes the ability to recognize a brand and associate it with a certain product or service.

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Into trigger and untrigger mental awareness. It assesses consumers’ ability to name a brand when present with a slogan, logo. Other brand asset. brand association This is DP Leads another of the brand positioning KPIs, and they are the thoughts and feelings that consumers have towards your brand, whether they are functional or emotional. Functional associations. Traits that consumers have attribut to the brand and that focus on factors consider “logical”, such as value for money, quality level and company ethics. emotional associations. Traits that customers have (sometimes unconsciously) attribut to the brand that focus on feelings, such as nostalgia, happiness,