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They are the basis for evaluating the activities of employees. Either to calculate a performance bonus or to promote career advancement. How to choose a performance indicator? A KPI serves to convey the “meaning” of information, so it had better be select, construct, and present correctly. A performance indicator is closely dependent on the specific context of the activity it is intend to target. When choosing KPIs think about these 5 elements to be accurate and reliable: Specific :  clear objective; Measurable : The data us must be quantifiable; Achievable : The goals you refer to must be achievable.

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Relevant  It must respect the company’s strategy and vision; Temporary : Its duration has to be defin. To make sure your performance indicators are realistic, make sure they Luxembourg Phone Number List meet these five criteria that remind us of the relevance of SMART goals . A manager cannot take his organization to the right destination without having the right reference points to get there. Knowing what a performance indicator is will help keep you on track to meet your growth targets.  performance indicator? An indicator has a specific meaning. In order to fully grasp the meaning of the information transmitt.

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How to represent a

The choice of graphical representation plays a fundamental role. Let’s see how to choose the types of graphs depending on the type of information: Gauge Chart : It is DP Leads recommend to track progress towards a goal. Pie chart : Us to study the proportions of the components of a specific quantity, such as sales by region. Bar chart : This way of representing a performance indicator is one of the most popular. They allow you to quickly identify the most frequent response modalities and, therefore, understand the first trends of your analysis. Line graph : It is ideal and the most appropriate to highlight trends. Lines or curves allow you to link individual points and values, visualize a sequence, or show a trend over a period of time.

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